Stafford East- Land North of Tixall Road Consultation Event

First City have been actively promoting Land East of Stafford at Tixall Road for residential development. The site has been identified by Stafford Borough Council within the plan for Stafford Borough ‘Publication’ as being a preferred option for the delivery of essential housing around the town. It identifies the need for Stafford to provide a minimum of 10,000 new homes between 2011 and 2031 with more than 7,200 of these on the edge of Stafford Town. The Plan identifies this site for a strategic housing development as part of an eastern extension area.

The site has been selected because it provides the best opportunities for sustainable and balanced development relatively close to the town centre.

The Core Area is approximately 23 hectares and lies to the north and south of Tixall Road.The site is bounded to the south by St Thomas’ Lane and Blackheath Lane to the east, situated near to Staffordshire University, employment, services and transport links.

It is likely that the proposals will include in the region of 600 houses comprising a full mix of housing for local people from family homes to housing for the elderly, first time buyer and affordable homes.

A one acre extension to the crematorium is proposed in addition to accessible green space and public open space within the site. The developer would also make contributions to other infrastructure including education and highways to ensure that existing provision in the local area is improved by the proposed scheme.

A public consultation event took place on 13th February 2013 at Beaconside Sports Centre, Weston Road, Stafford between 4pm and 8pm to give residents and other interested parties the opportunity to view the proposals, to have their say and enable the local community to help influence the final proposals.

Please click here to see the full exhibition Stafford East Exhibition Board.

This consultation has now closed. The closing date for comments was the 27th February 2013.

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