Land off A49 Shrewsbury Road Hadnall – Consultation Event

HadnallPlanning Consultants, First City Limited is promoting the development of land on the southern edge of Hadnall, off A49, on behalf of the landowners and has been commissioned to lead a public consultation event for the development proposals and coordinate the submission of the planning application.

The proposals are for a high quality housing development that would provide up to 40 new homes including 8 bungalows and would provide a well-balanced mix of accommodation, aimed at the retired through to families, comprising two three and four bedrooms. An element of much needed affordable housing will also be included in our proposals alongside ample car parking for all homes.

In addition the development will have an attractive landscaped border, maintaining boundary hedges and ensuring a satisfactory relationship with existing properties.

The development would bring economic and social benefits to the area through the creation of construction jobs and additional retail spending in Hadnall by new residents.

The consultation will run from 10th October to 31st October 2014.

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