Change on the Way?

The Government published its flagship Localism Bill on 13th December 2010. The document itself runs to 450 pages but even then it will require further detail under later delegated legislation orders expected to follow during 2011.

The Bill championed by the affable if blunt Secretary of State, Eric Pickles (pictured) contains wide ranging measures covering matters as diverse as Council Chief’s pay, Home Information Packs and Local Referendums. However our particular focus will be on the implications for the Planning System. The Government is determined to achieve wider community involvement in the development of local planning policies as part of a broad de-centralisation of power from Westminster.

It is therefore no coincidence that the Planning Minister, Greg Clark, has announced at the same time a review of planning policy designed to consolidate policy statements, circulars and guidance documents into a single consolidated National Planning Policy Framework.

The Minister has invited organisations and individuals to offer their suggestions to the Department on the priorities and policies that should form part of a shorter more decentralised and less bureaucratic National Planning Policy.

A bold objective however you can rest assured that First City will take the opportunity to contribute to the consultation process and through our news page we will keep readers updated on these potentially far reaching policy initiatives.

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